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Carousel Kids offers a Unique, Enriching Pre-School Daycare
that blends Learning with Play in an Engaging, Age Appropriate Curriculum
for All Children Ages 6 Weeks – 5 Years.

Our Staff is trained not only in Child Development, but also Education and Psychology, and encourages a positive and nurturing learning childcare environment that stimulates emotional, physical and cognitive growth while celebrating diversity among ages, cultures and abilities.

We Learn Through Play Here

Kids learn best through play, which means that the play-based curriculum at Carousel features a preschool daycare experience that combines learning with a child’s natural interest through play.

Intellectual, emotional and social responses developed through play provide a natural foundation for preschool learning. Our program and lessons are tailored to the child, so that each progresses at an appropriate individual development pace.

We Enrich Lives Here

Our approach to positive relationship building among children and teachers is a key part of our childcare learning philosophy and daily practice.

Children are loved, nurtured and respected, creating a preschool daycare environment that encourages child development on the path to personal growth.

We teach cooperation, responsibility and important social and communication skills.

We’re Family Here

Our Family-Style Preschool Learning Center offers a safe environment with a low child to teacher ratio. And siblings between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years attend our day care center together, so there is security in knowing that brothers and sisters are at Carousel, too.

We Make New Friends Here

Our unique day care learning experience extends to a wonderful partnership with ReGenerations Adult Day Club. Intergenerational activities with ReGenerations Adult Day Club Members encourages social and emotional development along with enhanced communication skills. Children and seniors get together each day to enjoy arts and crafts, cooking, exercise, story time, music, singing and even math and science activities. Lives are enriched when relationships transcend age.

Meet Our Director- Fran Maldonado

“As director of Carousel Kids, I want to ensure parents that your little one’s development is important to us. We offer many opportunities throughout the day to ensure that your child is meeting developmental milestones, engaging in a positive way with peers and staff, and learning through play.”

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Director, Carousel Kids



Hear From Our Friends

“As a Developmental Specialist, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many preschool daycare centers, and I’ve found Carousel Kids to offer a caring mentality toward the children within an environment of professionalism that is not easily found in the world of daycare for children.”
Amanda A.

“What I like about Carousel Kids is the “what you see is what you get”, meaning that, unlike with some other daycare for children programs, there is no difference between what you experience as a visitor and what really happens in the teacher/child relationship. At Carousel, a smaller mix of kids daycare attendees means individual attention from teachers who really care about a quality preschool daycare experience. And I love the fact that the children get to visit the senior members of ReGenerations Adult Day Club.”
Krista J.

In my work as a Pediatric Physical Therapist, I’ve come across many parents who are rightfully concerned about the people to whom they entrust their children, especially when it comes to preschool daycare. The environment of Carousel Kids is clean and inviting with a welcoming and kind staff who have a feel for the perfect balance of learning with play conducted within safe preschool daycare surroundings.”

Brendan R.

Carousel Kids is located within The Continuum Health and Wellness Center

Childhood Services Beyond PreSchool Daycare

While Carousel Kids offers a developmentally age appropriate curriculum for all preschool children, there may be children who could benefit from special assistance. Our association with The Continuum allows for Developmental Specialists, Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapists on site to provide support and special skill sets.

Learn more by contacting our Carousel Kids Director, Fran Maldonado at 829-4700.

About The Continuum

In a tranquil and welcoming environment, The Continuum provides Rehabilitation Therapies with a team the works together to provide a wealth of treatment options focused on total wellness for all ages.

The goal of The Continuum is to provide the highest quality of life by enhancing independence while encouraging individual to remain active in the home, with families and in their communities.